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Run Your Business as You Reinvent It

Optimize core IT and enable innovation, from mainframe to multi-cloud and beyond

You can't hit the reset button every time the market changes.

You have to be ready to react while still ensuring continuity in service. You have to keep customers engaged while designing the new products and experiences they demand. BMC solutions help optimize your IT infrastructure, enabling a secure, cost-effective transition to the cloud and continued innovation across the enterprise.

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Multi-Cloud Management

Address key cloud challenges seamlessly and cost-effectively

  • Assess needs, build a migration plan, and establish a governance model

  • Forecast costs and optimize performance across hybrid environments

  • Reduce risk with automated visibility and security

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Cost Control

Optimize resource usage and cost across the enterprise and in the cloud

  • Simulate migrations by selecting cloud resources and comparing costs to predict and manage cloud budgets

  • Gain visibility into current and forecasted spend to optimize mainframe and enterprise infrastructure, software, and services costs

  • Manage on-premises and cloud capacity to make the most of current and future resources

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Multi Cloud Service Management

Service Management

Deliver a seamless service experience across the enterprise

  • Collaborate effectively with service vendors to troubleshoot/resolve issues

  • Tightly integrate incident and change management with leading agile development solutions

  • Audit service performance capabilities to measure service integrity

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Asset Visibility

Discover all your hardware and software and the relationships between them

  • Get fast, accurate, and secure asset discovery

  • Map dependencies across assets and services in a single view

  • Perform essential prevention and detection tasks

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Multi Cloud Visibility
Multi Cloud Performance


Monitor and manage integrated cloud and data center performance

  • Monitor performance across your infrastructure in real time to deliver optimal user experiences

  • Get rapid root cause analysis

  • Ensure peak performance and availability for your mission-critical data, at lower cost

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Reinvent enterprise IT with intelligent automation

  • Orchestrate data, workflows, applications, and infrastructure

  • Centrally manage diverse systems to reduce repetitive tasks, solve problems quickly, and add ability to scale

  • Automatically provision cloud servers and services, and future-proof your mainframe with AI, machine learning, and analytics

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Multi Cloud Automation
Multi Cloud Security


Achieve security and compliance across the enterprise

  • Find and fix security and compliance gaps automatically

  • Ensure integrity of business-critical data

  • Be audit ready all the time

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  • Service Management
  • Visibility
  • Performance
  • Automation
  • Security

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